On Alphabet

Last year, my lecturer gave me the almost impossible assignment. Tracing alphabet. The idea was to train your hand to the curves and lines of the alphabet. So he gave us this A-Z, he didn’t tell us what font it is. I kinda guessed that it was M Bembo, because it was his favorite font. But after careful research, it wasn’t.

So it began. It was kinda hard at first. I tried different methods. I traced it on my window. I tried to photocopy it, and then put eucalyptus oil on it. It wasn’t working at all. So I bought tracing papers, and I traced it. It was a pain in the ass. My hand was sore. My eyes was blind after that (sorry for the drama).

But, after the second attempt, I kinda enjoyed it. And I kinda did it all over again. From the top. A-Z. God knows how many time I did it. Well, to make it short. After that, I was kinda hooked into it. And now I’m still doing it. So here it goes.

The layout was just like how you sing the alphabet song. Like, ABC, DE, FG…

Here’s the process..

I did it in different medias, tracing paper, normal thick paper, and canvas. Quite enjoyable. Can’t wait to do something with it *wink to Sesa*.

Ok peeps, enough for alphabet. I’m hungry.

Currently listening to: Bliss – Kissing.


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