Look Who’s Back

Hellow peeps! Been a long long time since the last post. Well, lotsa updates! Just got back from Melbourne couple days ago. It was awesome!!! It turns out, all the stories that I’ve been told were true!! The food was awesome! The coffee was, oh my god. It was bloody good! And the city itself, it’s just so alive. Everything and everyone just looks so much better than it is in Perth. They dressed so well there, unlike everyone here, we dress like we’re going to the beach every bloody day!

Well, mind you, I live in Perth. Where everything shuts at 5.30. So forgive me if I sound a bit “village-ish”. Anyway, I love it, love it, love it so much!! Definitely have to be back sometime this year!! Might as well move there if I could get a job.

Took lotsa pictures with my lomo. I developed it today, took 10days cause they have to send it to Kodak’s printlab (I bet it’s gonna take 3 days in Melbourne!!). So I’m kinda excited.

And the other update is, my bestfriend Andini is getting married next April. So couple weeks ago, she texted me saying sorry that I didn’t ge any part in the wedding, mainly because I’m in Perth. I told her I understand, no worries lah. But then she said, unless you wanna do the invitation. I’m like, whoaaa.. It’s an honour!!! And then after couple of days working on it, finally I sent her the alternatives. And they liked it!!! Well, they kinda tweaked it a bit. But it’s all good. They went to the printing, and she sent me photos of it. Looks like it’s going well. I have to say this is one of the most rewarding job that I’ve been doing since the last couple of months. It’s my bestfriend’s wedding, and I designed the invitation. Couldn’t get any sweeter than that!

The other update is probably not that important. After Melbourne, everything just kinda went slower. Back to normal routine, IGA, and next week, Pure Zone. Working on freelancing stuff. Yadda yadda yadda! Uh oh! I refunded my Good Vibrations ticket, cause The Killers and Friendly Fires canceled their performances. So am not really stoked to go. Blah.

Ok well, till next time. Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe!

Good night.

Ps: will post some of Melbourne pics later! Ciao.


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