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Last year, I saw this website, and it was so moving I told all of my friends to see it.

Xy saw it. Back then she was working freelance for this youth organization who gave away grants for art projects each year, Propel Youth Arts WA. And she has this idea that maybe we should apply for the 2009’s grant. I always wanted to do a photo book (Diary Of A Checkout Chick, anyone? Yes?). But she said it needs to be more “serious”, has a message, or whatsoever.

So we decided that we’re gonna make a photo book about youth migrant in WA. Youth from another country, went to school or work, and then live here. The story is about the process of their adaptation. How did they feel when they just got here, what did they do to make their self feel better, what do they like to do while they’re here, etc. And of course, take their picture! Guess who’s the photographer? None other than a good friend of mine, Sheree Bolton!

Voila! We applied for the grant (after many many trial and error on the application form, coffees and KFC’s later). Guess what? We got it!


At the moment, we’ve done our first first interview with Mark Viljoen (Zimbabwe), we took his photos at City Beach last Saturday. And we’re gonna spread the call out poster (waiting approval from Propel). Next week, interview with Sten Langmann (Germany) and Sumitra Haridas (Malaysia).

Should be good! I’ll post the poster up once we got the approval from Propel. In the meantime, I should work on the itsy bitsy design stuff for it (website, logos and such).

Alright people. Till next time! Stay safe!

PS: Thanks Phillip Toledano, for inspiring us!


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