Hey y’all! Most people hates Monday. Well, not me! I love Monday!!

Monday is my “sheet shop” day. My shift starts at 11. Got there at 10.45ish. Started my day. At 11 my boss usually goes to the bank. I’ll be in the shop alone, sometimes if its our lucky day I’m gonna be hell busy and serves customers non stop. If not, well.. Then I’ll be bored and draw on every piece of cardboard that I can found.

I usually draw on that thing that we got when we buy coffee more than two, so that we can easily bring the coffee without any hassle. Ok, anyone know what does it called? Yeah well, that. And since we got this amazing stabilo that we use only on stock day. So yeah. I draw with that.

Here’s some of my art on a cardboard coffee holder (AHA! I found it).

Now, I’m actually thinking that maybe I can do a series of this lines and neon color. Hmm.. Bright like neon.


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Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

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