On Some Photoshoot


Last week we did two photoshoots. We took pictures of Sten on Thursday night while he was teaching. His method of teaching was very interesting. It was as though he was talking with his friends (kinda reminds me of him in daily life tho). Sheree was doing her hip hop class that night, so Xy and I did the photo shoot.

Lucky we got did some research of how we wanted to do the photo shoot. So we printed out some samples to guide us. But since we’re amateur, the photos look crappy. We have to do some major photoshopping to make it proper for the book. Although I can say we took some nice shots of Sten. But yeah, so decided to redo the photoshoot on Tuesday morning with Sheree.

On Friday arvo, we did Sumi’s photo shoot on Kings Park and Leederville. This time I was more prepared then Sten’s photoshoot. I told Sumi to bring props. And I briefed Sheree about how I wanted the photos to look like. I think because Sheree knows Sumi well, so the photo shoot was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Kings Park was so beautiful that day, it wasn’t as hot as the day. A lot of people were there for picnic, lots of high school students doing their photoshoot for their ball. After that we went to Leederville to take photos of Sumi drinking coffee in a cafe and in a record shop.

We were there for an hour and wrapped everything up. Yeay! Will post some of the photos later on. Need to resize it first.

Cooliossss! Adios Amigosssss!


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