I Wish We Have 30hours In A Day

Whooaaaa.. It’s been a long week! I know it’s only Wednesday, but since Monday Xy and I been meeting and interviewing them for Viewfinder : 6000. It feels like I’m going on a daily basis speed dating hahaha. Last Monday we met Goldy (India) at the Alexander Library in the Perth city. He’s quite interesting, cause he’s only been here for 8 months or so, but he moved 7 times already. How nomad! So we’re thinking about taking pictures of him from that angle. Moving to different places, in search for “home”. Buh! After that we just kinda cruised the night working on tax stuffs for MarXy. Anyway we’re still contemplating names for the company, but we might have to come up with it before the end of the month!

Tuesday, let’s see.. In the morning Sheree and I went to Curtin to re-take Sten’s (German) photo shoot. It was way better than the first one. Because Sheree took a lot of angles that Xy and I couldn’t even think of. Then I went to work, I couldn’t opened my eyes. Too tireeeeeeeed.

After work, we’re supposed to meet Maria Gerard (Reunion Island), but there were misunderstanding. She thought I was the other Marisa (dunno who), so she didn’t turn up for the meeting. It was actually quite funny, because the connection was bad, and her French accent was so thick that I cannot understand anything that she said. Hahaha. At the end, we managed to talk and re-arrange schedule for the next meeting.

Lucky for us, Kaja Freiman (Estonia) was there an hour early. So we interviewed her. Sheree was right, she was very bubbly! And Xy and I look so stupid because we asked too many questions to her, where is Estonia? What’s your languange? What’s your food look like? This project really does helps us improve our geographical and culture knowledge! Hahaha..

She was very sporty! She used to be a tennis coach in US for couple of months, and apparently she won some national championship back in Estonia. And yessss, we found a really really cool idea to portrayed her in the book. It’s so good I won’t even write it here! I’m super duper excited!

Later on that night, we met Jack’s housemate. A cute Korean couple who’s only been here for 2 months. They couldn’t speak English that good. And when we first met them, they thought Xy was Korean. So they were speaking Korean to her. Hahahaha. They got some very interesting stories (insert: alcohol, police, jail), we were so excited that I think we kinda confusing them with our plans! Hahahaha.

Ahh and today.. Let’s see.. Ah ya! We met Sylvie (Vietnam). It was quite chopchop. Because she was very homy kinda person, we scheduled to take pictures of her at her house sometimes around next week. And yeah, we thought it would be an easy shot, so if Sheree couldn’t make it, Xy or I could do it.

And finally, the last interview for the day, Marie-Larreux Wong Chin Chan (Reunion Island). How awesome is her name? Her first name consists of two names, and the last name consists of three names! Hahahaha. She was a really funny girl. Animal lover and chop chop kinda girl (Xy and I were quite afraid of her at the first place hahaha). It was easy to think about what to do about her photoshoot. She was very open to ideas and even contributed ideas as well. Unfortunately since she’s having her exam and all that, we can only take her pictures at the first week of April! Whoa! I hope we still have time for that.


Ok better get some sleep. It’s gonna be a busy day tomorrow. Work at IGA from 8-4, another interview at 6 with Isabell (German) and Pascal at 8 (Reunion Island). And I seriously needs some rest cause Friday is gonna be even more hectic! I got work at Iga and a meeting with the Perth Lighthouse Inc. And Andy Caldwell is playing at Geisha at 11pm!!!! I so wanna see him performing! But let’s see what I can do, cause I’m working early at Iga on Sat, gotta interview Rebecca (Sweden), (HK), and got to shoot Mark (Zimbabwe) that night. Plus working on Sunday, more interviews that day. I wish one day is 30 hours man!

Ok ok, this post is too damn long. Won’t bore you again. See you when I see you people!!!


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