Hi y’all!

Just a quick update, yesterday we met Kelly Costa (South Africa) at Dome Freo. She moved to Perth about 3 years ago if I’m not mistaken. Her dad got a job in The Western Australian as a financial journalist. So the whole family moved here as well. She told us how she loves Perth and all that. It was the easiest interview so far, because we didn’t even ask that much but she kinda told us everything what we needed to know. Plus, she brought her friend, Aimee (South Africa) and that gave us idea to put both of them in the book. It was interesting how they met and yadda yadda yadda (won’t spoil the fun and write it here). So yeah, that was it. And we’re supposed to meet Pascal after that, but we couldn’t reach him so we went back home.

Tonight is our break. No interview at all. Yeay! We only need to put together the photo shoot schedule and discuss it with Sheree.

Ok peeps. Have a good weekend yeah! I wish I’ll still have the time so see Andy Caldwell tonight after work and meeting with Perth Lighthouse! Fingers crossed!

Ps: Saw Oprah today, Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol was promoting abstinence for teenagers. D’oh.

Marisa. Out.


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