Officially Loving 2010

Sooooo.. I met Razaw today. We’re supposed to have a meeting about the exhibition thingy with the Perth Lightouse. But the bloody Dome cafe in Nedlands closed early! DOH! It’s Friday night, why on earth you would close at 8?? Well I was 20mins late cause I just finished work at 8. When I got there, Razaw and Sylana was standing on the pavement. They knew I’d be late so they waited for me. We decided to catch up and have a coffee at a cafe nearby. It was a great catch up session. I haven’t met her in a long long time, the last time was probably graduation ceremony!!!

The exhibition itself is organized by Perth Lighthouse, and its about Islam. I need to submit 8 works (can be anything, photo, sculpture, illustration, etc) before 21st of May (ouw shit!). Its actually quite big, it’s gonna be on Perth Convention Center and UWA gallery. Whoa whoa whoa!!!

Now I’m really really nervous. It’s definitely good for my resume and portfolio. Since she told me that there are some international artists participating as well. Whoaaa!! It sounds like do or die for me. It’s my chance to actually get myself out there, networking, meeting people, getting my work recognized. Phoooohh..

I still don’t know what to do (yet). Thinking about photography but not really sure. But I’m really keen on exploring calligraphy. Maybe some illustration about my favorite verse on Quran. Dunno yet. Hopefully I can make something good and be proud of it!!! Fingers crossed yeah! Insya Allah! It’s official then. I love 2010. It’s the year. Do or die year!!!

Aight then, time to hit the sack! I’m working at 730am. Pffft.

Ps: I still dont know what to wear to Carla’s Hawaiian birthday dinner. Any suggestions?


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