Plus Thirty Five

Hi peeps! Long time no see. It’s time for Viewfinder:6000 update. Today we did Kaja Freiman’s (Estonia) photo shoot at Kings Park. The concept was, she is very sporty, so we decided to took pictures of her wearing all the possible sports gear that we have. I borrowed my cousins golf clubs, Xy brought her snorkle, Kaja even brought her own tennis racket and attire! It was fun fun fun. Kaja had a lot of ideas as well, she’s really good with the camera. I surely hope every photo shoots that we need to do is going to be this easy!

Even tho we took the photos quite late, we managed to finished the whole thing with good result. Of course, having a semi-pro photographer in this project always helps! Sheree even did some dangerous stunts while taking photos. Haha.

After that, Xy and I went home and managed to put together schedules. Whoa. It’s not easy to manage 17 people fit in with tight deadlines. After countless phone calls, texts, mailboxes, we finally confirm all 17 photo shoots!!! Xy and I eventually have to take some of the photos by ourselves, because Sheree is having a very special guest from Melbourne during Easter break 😉 and we don’t wanna interrupt those special times 🙂

Oh well, it’s a good learning experience!! Ah also, we finally started on doing layouts, marketing, website and all that jazz. We decided to do the website with our friend, under the MarXy name. And I did some sketches of the layout two days ago while working at IGA *evil smirk*.

Ah ok, better get some rest now, cause from tomorrow I won’t have break at all. It’s full on work and photo shoot every freaking day till April 14th (I’m going back home to Jakarta for a week, yeay!). Promise ourselves that we’re gonna take vitamin every day, so that we won’t get sick! Ok, enough enough. Good night y’all!!

PS: Oh Perth got hit by cyclone and hail last Monday. Gonna upload the photos tomorrow!


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