Sneak Peek

Hey y’all!! Well we’ve done 8 photoshoots!! YEAY!!!

Last Saturday, XY and I took photos of Sylvie (Vietnam). We thought it would be easy, but no wayyyyy. It was hard. Because we had no flash, and yadda yadda yadda 😦 and on the other side, I had mild diarrhea which helped a lot (NOT).

On Sunday, we met Rebecca (Sweden). She told us that the boyfriend had to go to the Pines for shooting his short movie. And that was freaking far. So we decided just to take pictures of her playing guitar. We were thinking about going to the park nearby, but I remembered my cousin’s house was quite empty and had wonderful wooden floor. So we went to his house to take pictures. Xy took some photos as well. To my surprise, Sheree’s photos look ‘staged’ and Xy’s photos were more natural side of her, and it’s gorgeous!!!

And yesterday, we took Kelly (South Africa) and her sister Ashlee to Freo. She told me the thing she loves about Perth is it’s very safe. She came from Johannesburg, and she can’t just walk on the street liing to her ipod, or driving around with her handbag shown on the car seat. So we took pictures of her strolling around and eating with her sister with both of their purse on the table.

Today Sheree and I went to Freo again, to take photos of Marie Laure (Reunion Island). The boyfriend was there (Hello Brandon), he has the cutest car I’ve ever seen. It was a small Russian car!!!! It looks like a box of soap. So cuuteeeeee!!!

And we took some photos of Demo (the dog) and Marvin (the cat) together with them so it looked like a family picture. Was so cute. Especially when we took photos of them in the car. I feel like I wanna take Demo home with me!!!!

Well enough report for today. Better do some more work. And this is the sneak peek of some of the “behind the scene”.



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