Quiet After The Storm


Been a while since the last “real” posting yeah? Ok ok, I’ve been a slacker lately. Especially after the exhibition, all I did was just sleep and watch dvd hehehe. I guess it’s what they called, quiet after the storm.

I’ve been trying to do some work though. When Phina was here, it was great cause we talked a lot about making this and that. It feels really good to have someone to talk about ideas and project, and at the same time could inspire you to do something or at least start to think about it. And now she’s gone back home. Pfttt. Well, I wrote all the ideas in my notebook, hopefully I’ll get the chance and energy to start doodling sometime soon.

Talking about new project. Yodee and I are super duper excited to do this small project. We talked about making an art project (whatever it is, doodles, photos, words, etc) since long long time ago. But we just never started on it. Yesterday, I talked to him about it, and he proposed this idea and I love it!!!

Wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise and write it here. All I can say is, it’s easy, cheap and exciting! HA!!

Ok, till next time!!!


About marisantosa

Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

4 responses to “Quiet After The Storm

  1. yodee

    awwwww! yaaaayyy!! awwww!

  2. konnyaku

    spoil me. spoil me. :p

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