The Story of Mr. Ardi and Rahma

Another wedding, another project. The two previous wedding is my bestfriends since junior high-school. I did the invitation for Andini’s and the award for Andini and Tya from the girls (the award of “congrats you’re married, love, the girls).

And now, my cousin, Mr. Ardi, is marrying a very good friend of mine, Rahma.

They’re getting married sometimes around August or September. And since I’m not so sure that I can go back again (damn you bridging visa, and damn you immigration department!!!!!), I’m offering them a present, something that I can do to help them for the wedding party or whatever it is. I asked Rahma what can I do? She told me to make a digital book, a story about their love story (the oh so drama and complicated story haha). So I gotta ask their bestfriends, family member and all that jazz.

Well.. Anything for you Mr. Ardi, Rahma. Since you both are one of my favourite couple in the world, I’d do anything to make you guys happy. I know this won’t count as my presence at the wedding, but hey.. This is the best that I can do 🙂

Love you both!


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