Thumbs Up!

My cousin Reza and my bestfriend Sheree is having their graduation exhibition, and they asked me to do the invitation. They had some ideas, and I remembered Sheree said something about “identity”, and then I got ideas that what if we put their fingerprint on the invitation. Well, somewhere along that line. Couple days later, they came to my place, cooked me dinner and I put together the invitation. Voila!

Reza, and I went back to Jakarta after that. He printed all the stuff in Jakarta, cost him about 200 AUD. That’s quite good actually!

Well, the exhibition is tonight, and I’m so proud of them!! Everything looked good and everyone came. And the invitation is actually the highlight of my night, because everyone liked it! Ouw yeah.

Will post it later here when I get a better picture of it.

Ok, gotta do some work now. Good night.


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Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

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