To The Loo!

As promised, I will finally let you know about the project that I’ve been “cooking” with Yodee. This is it, are you ready? Are you? Are youuuuuu?? Hehehe…  Won’t hurt to be a bit drama queen hehehe. So here it is…

Eleven, Eleven-and-A-Half Production presents totheloo (to the loo).

This is a collection of loos/toilets pictures from the eyes of the beholders-us. From the highest-end restaurant loos to the lowest-end slump loos you can’t even imagine. We caught them all with low pixel cameras so that you can feel as if you were present there, in the loo, with us. No camera tricks, no photoshop tricks.

Just you, getting wooed, by our loos.

The idea behind this project is that we always wanted to do something together. Well, we are doing something togethere, Punct Design Studio. But this is something that’s just really easy and entertaining. And the reason behind the Eleven and Eleven-and-A-Half Production is because, one of our friend who kinda “read” into our soul or whatever you call that, said that we are so much alike. In Indonesia we call that, “Sebelas Dua Belas” (eleven – twelve). But since we are so much alike, we’re just like “Sebelas Sebelas Setengah” (eleven – eleven and a half). That’s how we got the name.

And then after I don’t know how many brainstorm sessions (most likely only random chat in ym or bb), we had this idea about taking pictures of toilet! Dunno why we suddenly think about toilet. But heck, we just wanted to do something.

But for me, it’s actually something that I do a lot. I drink water a lot, and I tend to pee all the time. So wherever I go, there’s always a chance that I have to go to the toilet. And since I started taking pictures for totheloo, I tend to give extra attention to all the toilets. Like their signs, their sink, or even the marble that they put on the wall. Since we don’t have professional camera, we’re just gonna do it with our phone.

But the thing that scares me a bit is, I use my Blackberry camera to take the photos. And I can’t silent the shutter no matter what (I’ve tried every way, if you know, please let me know???). So it always goes “click” every time I take a picture.

Imagine you’re in a silent toilet, and you’re peeing, and you heard “click”. What are you gonna think? Is there a pervert taking picture of themselves while peeing or is there someone taking a picture of their you-know-what? Hahaha. That’s why I always wait until it gets really quiet or preferably when I’m all alone.

Well, that problem actually makes the project more interesting (for my part, not for his part).

Ok, I think that’s enough of me blabbing non stop, please visit our blog, and do comment on it 🙂



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