The Incredible Book Eating Boy!

Ok, this is a suuuuper happy post.

You might not know, I have a thing for children books. Especially the ones with beautiful illustration. So one day I saw this book by Olive Jeffers, The Incredible Book Eating Boy. It was incredibly beautiful!!! The illustration are just too good to be true. I think he uses a lot of media, water color, pensils, etc.

And the story, oh the story. How I love the story. It’s about a boy who eats book. When he did, he got smarter. Say he ate a book about animals, he would know everything about animal, and so on. But after a while, it all got mixed up. And then all the information made his stomach kinda sick. So he needs to stop. Now, instead of eating the book, he reads them.

How smart is that?? The story is just simple, right to the point. It’s how you actually appreciate the process of something. Not just wanting instant results.

Well, I bought that book about two years ago. Two days ago, I walked past this bookshop in Hay St. They’re having a closing down sale. I came in, and straight away I went to the children books corner. Guess what I found?

The pop-up version of The Incredible Book Eating Boy!!!!!!!!! I immediately took it, and as if it’s not enough. I saw another Oliver Jeffers book, The Great Paper Caper!!! I went ballistic, and just took everything!!! After that I saw couple books, and decided just to buy ’em all. Its closing down sale, so everything was so cheap!!!

In the end I got,

  • The Incredible Book Eating Boy (pop-up). (Oliver Jeffers)
  • The Great Paper Craper. (Oliver Jeffers)
  • Really, Really Big Questions about life, the Universe and everything (Dr.Stephen Law)
  • Tickets to Ride : An Alphabetic Amusement (Mark Rogalski).

And then I walked past another book shop, I saw this illustration book about Birds in Australia, so beautiful. I can’t resist it. I told the lady I want to booked it, gonna buy it next week. Oh well, just shoot me!


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3 responses to “The Incredible Book Eating Boy!

  1. konnyaku

    i love children books too!
    pas dulu ngajar, suka tidur2an di reading corner sambil baca buku anak2 hohoho.

  2. Rahmacan

    Fufufufufuufufu aku mauuuu jugaaaaaa! Mari kapan2 kita saling baca koleksi buku anak2 milik masing-masing! Hohoho koleksiku juga makin bertambah nih tahun ini 😀

  3. konnyaku: hohoho gue baca nya dengan mata berbinar2, dan posisi benar, biar bukunya gak lecek! hahaha

    rahmacan: iyaahh ingat deal kita ya 😀

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