Cooking Cooking Cooking!

Helow helow.. Been a lazy ass lately, and so not proud of it 😀

Any updates??

Well, I finally got some rough ideas of how to put things together for the Islam Art Exhibition with Razaw and the others. It’s very simple and personal.. It’s about the things that I miss about my religion since I live in Perth. I miss the adzan. I miss the whole commotion during the Eid, the food, the family gathering, the takbir chanting around the city. I miss everything really.

And somehow I’m gonna try to put all those things together and make it into some form of art. Either illustration, sculpture, or even short movie. But at the end of the day, I’m just gonna chose on the medium based on how easy and doable it is. I’m just gonna have to be really smart at it. Don’t want to stray away from the original ideas just because I’m too lazy to work on it. Razaw and Roshna agreed to help me on anything anyway. So, it shouldn’t be too hard, shouldn’t it???

Anywayyyy.. The other thing that I’ve been doing is cooking another project with my partner in crime, XY Ng. We’ve been tooooo busy with our work and got no time to do anything. Last Saturday, we finally managed to get together to arrange stuff. Made some timelines, and all that stuff. Hopefully by the end of August, we have something to show you.

The other exciting news is, Sesa is finally ready to do something about our dream project. Can’t really tell what it is just yet. Sesa, Xy and I really want to do this project since a long timeeeeeee ago!!!! And finally we’ve started a little something to make it happen. She’s gonna do print cost research in Jakarta, while Xy gonna make the whole structure and I’m gonna start sketching stuff. So excited it’s crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!

Aight then, that’s enough update for y’all!!! Will post some sketches later!! Till next time, stay safe!


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