Hey peep. Sorry for my absent (I think said this way too many times).

I’ve been having lack of enthusiasm. I think I’m just plain tired of my daily routines. Plus there’s too many stuff in my plate right now. Not trying to sound like I’m whining. It’s totally my responsibility, I said yes far too many times to projects that looks and in theory were easy. But requires lots of attention, details, and coordination. Which I totally lack because I’m just constantly tired. True everything that I made was quite satisfying (not to brag, but I do feel that way) and looks good on my portfolio, but I just felt this is too much.

So, gonna hit the brake now and just hibernate for a while. God knows I need it.

Till then, I might post some random stuff that I need to blab out. Ciao bella.


About marisantosa

Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

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