Better Mood

Whaddup y’all?
Well as you can see, I’m in better mood now. I think the last post was a bit dramatical :p I was tired and burnt out. I should restrain myself to blog when I’m not feeling well.

Ok let’s update ourself shall we? I’m quite relieved that I’ve finished couple of projects. Not entirely finish, need a couple revision, but at least I’m getting there. The hardest part is always when you have to start. For me it’s so hard to actually to start on a project. But once I start I won’t stop till I’m done.

Let me fill you in with what I’m doing lately. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to contribute myself into a positive volunteering work at UNIFEM. I’ve been accepted to be a part of their Media and Comm team. I’m working with the lovely ladies to put up promotional material for their events. So far I did 5 artworks with them, which was great in a way. Even though this is volunteer job, but I’m able to build up local portfolio and it’s a perfect networking opportunity!

And then, Xy and I finally made some progressed. We started on our next project. Can’t tell you what it is yet, but once we have significant progress, I promise I’ll post it up.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna do some major spring cleaning on my external hard-disk, and then post some of the work that I’ve been doing in the last couple of months.

PS: I stumbled upon this blog, it’s amazing and funny!!! Check it out!

Alright, till then! Be safe!


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One response to “Better Mood

  1. that blog you stumbled upon… AMAZING. i love it so much because that’s how things are should be. 😀

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