Post Pecha Kucha Night


Last Thursday night was great. I’d like to think we did well on the presentation. Even though we haven’t had lunch, and drank two beers before the presentation, we did well.

I was nervous all afternoon, because I’m not used to talking in front of audiences. I was repeating the whole presentation non stop. Xy was more laid back, I think she was too hungry and tired to actually be nervous. Hahaha.

We got there at 630pm, the venue was so pretty. I’ve never been to Fremantle Arts Centre before. And surely, it wont be the last time. At about 7pm, the event started. Our spot was at 810pm. When it was our turn to present, I was nervous as hell, I think I was shaking a bit. When we got on the stage, you wont believe how bright the light that was shining to the stage. I think the organizer did it on purpose, so you cant really see the audience, you can only see their shadows. Therefore, making us less nervous.

We were talking about our previous project, Here and Now. Short stories about why we did it, stories about the participants, and all that. In the end, we’re proposing our new project, The Untitled Bike Project / Physcle / I Want To Ride My Bicycle. And if anyone wants to participate in any way the want, they can let us know.

Overall, the event was great. Not like your usual wanky/indie/hipster crowds. But this is more like a laid back, normal, mainstream event and not intimidating at all. Everyone seems to love sharing their idea and hearing what the others think about it and so on. It was a great night. Kudos to Tara+Jess!

That night, we got good feed backs from the audiences. On our drink break, three people came up to me and said the whole thing was great and giving us some organization that might be worthwhile to contact. We might try to do that after new year.

Thanks for David, Sumi, Sophie for coming that night and being such a good supporter for us! Woohoooo..

If you want to know more about Pecha Kucha, visit their website.


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