Oh I Am Back!

‘Sup peeps??? Yep I am back. I’ve been neglecting this blog for far too long. Anyway, want some updates?

I think I’m officially running out of friends. Since my cousin who is also one of the closest person in my life (if you read this, don’t be big headed, I’m just being dramatic) is moving to Melbourne! HA! Another West Coast person migrating to East Coast. Are you happy Melbourne!?!?!??! Now I only got like who, Xy Sumi Sten? Gee! That’s it?!?!?

So due to that, I have to move out from my apartment because I cannot afford to pay it by myself. Which is OK, because I’m moving to XY-Clem’s house, in Cockburn. Not an appealing name for a suburb I know!! But hey, the house is great, it’s a new house, my room will be as big as my room right now. Got my own bathroom and stuff. So in another word, it’s like a got my own wing in their house! Plus they charge me real good with the rent πŸ˜€

Another thing is, I can finally quit IGA (can I get a woooohoo!!!!) because I got a freelance sort of part-time job! Which is great, cause now I can finally focus on building my portfolio. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s been a great deal of trial&error, but it’s a perfect chance for me to learn all of this stuff that they don’t teach us in uni. I think in uni, they’re so focused on making you a very creative person and try this and all that. But what they forget is they don’t teach us how to make a design that’s ready to go to the market or practical design (it doesn’t have to be that creative, but it has to “work”). I don’t know.. Maybe they did teach us that and I didn’t pay attention πŸ˜›

Hmmm.. What else? Oh! I did some photo work for Clare. Long story short, she work for About Bike Hire, and she wants me to take pictures for their product and model shoot (Thanks Tina-Ryan-babyDean).

Oh!! I finished my paddling for beginners lesson last week! Think I’m going to enroll in another beginners class. Just to get better in it (yeah right hahaha). My mum would kill me if she knows I’m kayaking. Cause it involves all the things that she hates me to do >> swimming in the river (with life jacket, but she won’t care). Not to mention there’s jelly fish in the river (what if I got stung or bitten?). And the scariest thing of all: I gotta do a wet exit test from the kayak. I hope she doesn’t read this post. Wuff.. Or I’ll be in a major trouble.

Ah I guess that’s all the updates for now. Promise to update this blog more often πŸ™‚

Catch you later calculator!


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