I Know My Destination, But I’m Just Not There (Yet)

Hello hellow..

Have been quite productive lately. Mostly because I’ve been getting inspiration from my friends non-stop. One of them is Anto, we talk almost everyday chit-chatting bout kids books and ideas and stuffs. We’ve been talking bout making a children’s book. He has this story and I really wanna help him doing the illustration, or at least the visual diary (to keep track of the story). I’ve been finding it hard to find the right time to actually sit down and do it. But dunno what happened that day, I just scribbled non-stop and I got at least 6 rough sketches for 6 comic strips. I was on fire!! I promised my self that I need to ink for my printer and start right away with everything.

And then Gorga came along, I met him when I was in junior high school. He was my bestfriend’s first boyfriend. HA! He’s a musician now. Been listening to his music for sometime. And lucky for him, he got an indie record deal! Woot woot!!! He asked my other bestfriend Ityn to design his cd artwork. But Ityn told him to ask me instead. I said yes because I really like his music, and it’s just a perfect opportunity for me to add it into my portfolio. We talked it over for like a month, emailing back and forth. The procrastinator in me was so dominant, I was actually slacking a bit while “waiting for ideas”. After a while, I got an enlightenment, and just started doing it non-stop for 3 hours. VOILA! I’m done. Sent it to him, he loves it, gotta do a small revision tho. I promise I’ll upload the artwork later on. He’s going to send me CD anyway. Might as well show you the real thing.

Finally the best inspiration of all time, I stumbled upon this link. You know one of those moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? This is one of it. It was inspiring!!!
It made me realized that this is the ultimate dream. Yup, I wanna be a book designer someday. And Penguin Books is one of the ultimate place to work!! I feel like emailing her, and ask her if she needs an assistant. I’ll do it for free, as long as I can pick her brain πŸ™‚

And just today, I got an early birthday present from my favorite cousin Ardi and her wife (my bestfriend) Rahma. I’ve been rambling non-stop to them how I want to be a book designer and work for Penguin Books. So they send me a birthday present through Phina. I almost cried when I opened it. It was a Penguin Book – On The Road (Jack Kerouac) passport cover.

She wrote,

hugs and kisses for the talented, future designer of Penguin Books.

She made me realized (again), that this is my dream, and how much I want it. I gotta fight for it and I will fight for it. Pyuuuhh. Long way to go..

Just like Kanye said, “See I know my destination, but I’m just not there (yet)”.


Ps: Remember this? Still makes me smile every time I look at it πŸ™‚


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7 responses to “I Know My Destination, But I’m Just Not There (Yet)

  1. ste

    This made me shed tears *mellow* writing a journal full of my melancholic and weird dream is one of my dreams I haven’t yet started, but if I ever get to it, I’ll buzz you right away!

    How do you about drawing a girl sitting on the back of sepeda onthel ridden by a gorilla during the eclipse? Haha, one of my fave dreams ever!

    Best of luck, Mawi. When I saw ‘The Entity’, I knew right away that you’re gonna rule the world.


    • hahaha its actually not a melancholic post ste hahaha but anyway.. just feel like pouring my heart out and reminding myself of what i want, and to constantly fight for it πŸ˜€

      challenge accepted!!!! *a girl sitting on the back of sepeda onthel ridden by a gorilla during the eclipse*

      really wanna put β€œthe entity” here, but i guess i gotta alter some character or i’ll be bashed by some community πŸ˜€

  2. Hahahaaa…
    Ayo gw temenin ke penguin, nanti lo ngelamar jd assistantnya, gw akan ngelamar jd apa yaaa..
    apa aja deh asal di penguin hohohohoooooo πŸ˜€

  3. Your post was really means to me. I love reading this and I’m a “books-addict” πŸ™‚
    Penguin books is my favorite tho. I wish I could chase my dream as a designer, but sometimes I give up on my dreams.

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