I Say A Little Prayer For You

I had this idea last year. For the Islamic exhibition that supposed to happen. But oh well. I love the idea so much that I wanna do it no matter what. Thanks to Phina, she managed to make me explore and develop all the concept for it.

I wanna do a whole series of my favorite prayers. When I was a kid this is probably one of my earliest moment with my mom. Every night she would say all the short prayers before I go to sleep. She would recite it slowly, and I will repeat it after her. And now it becomes a habit, before I go to bed I gotta say these prayers.

– Prayer before sleep
– Prayer for my parents
– Prayer for the life and afterlife
– Al-Ikhlas 3 times (they say Allah will give you two angels to guard you while you sleep).

On top of that I want to put the other prayers as well, such as:
– Prayer before meals
– Prayer before you travel

I already wrote what I want to do exactly with each prayers. So in order to make my self more committed and discipline to this project. I will try to do one step everyday and post it here. Ouw yea! Bring it ON!!!

Oh btw, I’m gonna call it, I Say A Little Prayer For You 🙂


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