With the prayer before sleep, I was thinking of two ideas. The first one is, making a bed side lamp with the prayer written in a calligraphy on it. So when you wanna go to bed, and decided to turn the light off, you’ll see the prayer on it and (hopefully) you remember to pray.

The second idea is making a spinning lamp that projecting the prayer onto the wall. But this one is a bit hard. Just the technical issues itself kinda put me off of the idea.

That’s why today I decided to go with the first idea. I googled the prayer, put it into Illustrator, and made the vector version. It was too blocky so I made put the rounded-edges trick on it. It looks ok. Sent it to couple of friends to see if they can still read it, and they said its all good.

Here it is,

Tomorrow I’m gonna try to transfer it to the bed side lamp that I got (made from fabric) and try to cut the pattern. Alright, wish me luck boys and girls.

Quote of the day: “When in doubt, wear black. When in debt, call dad”.


About marisantosa

Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

2 responses to “Prayer_01

  1. noona meda

    -When in debt, Call Dad-
    Remind me of someone..ehmmm.. It’s me!

  2. can i call your dad too???? :)))

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