The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

When I was in uni, my lecturer Adam gave us this really interesting assignment. He gave us this A-Z alphabet and we have to trace it (perfectly) and perhaps take it into another level. He refused to tell us what font is that (later I found out it was Bembo, his favourite). The point of that assignment was he reckons we need to train our hand to be flexible. For someone like me, who can’t draw, let alone be flexible, it was a nightmare. I tried to do it on a window, it was alright.

And then one night, I came home (just a bit) intoxicated and I cant sleep, I decided to give it a ago with a tracing paper. After that I transfer it onto a paper with a carbon paper. I don’t know if that’s the alcohol, but it looks bloody awesome. At that moment I understand why he gave that assignment to us, because I can really feel the difficulties on tracing the serif, curves of the fonts. I kept tracing for days and finally got it perfect.

From that experience I was thinking of tracing different fonts and making it a project. I know I kept talking about doing project on and on and on and never really made it happen. But its time to change!

So here it is, just a teaser of my so-called-font-project.

More to come 🙂


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5 responses to “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

  1. ste

    This is cool, mawi! No comic sans? :))

  2. hahhahaha.. do i have to?

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  4. mawi kamu kok keren sik.

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