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I decided that I need a timeline to work on the projects. Since the type project is the easiest (and cheapest) one, I’m starting on this right away. I bought a new brush the other day. The one that would go really neat on a thin line. Only 3.50! Bargain!

I asked the lady if she sells a light box. And she looked at me like I’m an idiot. I think she must’ve been thinking that I was looking for a photography light box. I was gonna explain to her, but I was insulted already so I decided to leave x_x

And then I went to Jacksons, I saw the prettiest light box ever!!! It was $167 and there’s 10% further discount (wow, so generous no?). It was big, A3 size, easy to carry, looks pretty comfortable. But I still can’t imagine myself spending that amount of money for a light box. It’s just too much. Maybe I should look it up on Gumtree or something. Oh maybe after tax return. Maybe not.

Btw, enough rambling about that. Remember this? I finally got the time and energy to do some work today. The new brush makes everything look neater. Maybe I should do it all over again. I really wanna make it look right. But oh well, one step at a time.

What do you think?


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