For Reasons Unknown

I remember in 2009, I went to V Festival alone. I have one sacred goal, to see The Killers live. I’ve been following their music since their first album. I know almost most of their lyrics, so it’s going to be a karaoke session for me. They started playing at 7pm, and I had to fight my way in the middle of the crowd to get the best possible spot to see the stage. The stage was all pumped out with palm trees, and a big letter K filled with neons.

The rest was history. They were perfect. PER to the FECT!!! I couldn’t point any flaw in their performance that night. It was the best 2 hours of my life!! My bestfriend saw them on the first album concert, she reckons they’re not a good performer. Not enough communication with the audience she said. But that night, they were good. They talked to the audience and we went crazy. Everyone was singing their hearts out all night long. Its like going to a giant karaoke session. EFfin perfect!!

And now out of the blue, my friend posted this performance on her Google+, and suddenly I miss The Killers. I know they’re on hiatus. Brandon did his solo album (sucks big time in my opinion). I hope he gets his sense back and get back together with the band and rush their way to the studio. I miss their music!!!


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2 responses to “For Reasons Unknown

  1. Ste

    I remember that night. When you went to see The Killers. Envyyyyyyyyyy

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