I cant stress enough on how I love to look at other people’s house. I know it sounds weird and a bit psycho-ish. But you know, I always love to see people in their own space, comfort zone / surroundings. It gives you an idea of their character I suppose. It’s like The Selby, when I first saw them I was flabbergasted. I was hooked all through the series. After that a lot website did the same thing. And to make it more interesting, they all have a different feel about them. I find that The Selby is kinda “in your face” houses and characters (singers, artist, fashion designers). Like on how they did with Pharrell Williams and his house. It was pretty much gigantic white space with crazy artworks all over the place.

With the other websites, I find them more “warm-ish”, humble and something like “oh that looks like my friends house”. It is more familiar to me. Something that would pretty much feel closer to me (does that make sense?). Like I might really wanna have that kinda space for myself. The character itself is probably writers for some magazine, restaurant owner, I don’t mean to make them less important, but its just I feel that they are more your everyday people (cue: SING NOW!!).

Oh anyway, just wanna share some visual to feed your (and my) appetite.

The Selby. The Design Files (Australian Homes). An Afternoon With.



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One response to “People+Space

  1. i love to look at people’s house too (especially the interior). i use it as an idea’s source to improve my own house. now that i found this posting, i feel normal haha

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