For the last couple of days, my friend is giving me the shit because we had this great idea, and I wrote it on my notebook. And yesterday when we were about to make that idea come true, I somehow “lost” the notebook. I totally forgot where I put it, I even forgot which notebook that she’s been talking about. So I finally told myself that I would look for it in the boxes (since I just moved to a new place).

And this arvo, I saw this interview (my good friend is the Ninja). I saw him holding a notebook (00:34), that reminds me of my “lost” notebook! HA!!! I finally remembered which one it is that she’s talking about. I went to the boxes, and couldn’t find it. After that I looked to my bookshelf, and that notebook is actually on the bottom, sitting peacefully waiting to be found! AHA!!!

Oh Ninja, thanks so much for the random mnemonic that you gave me. Woot woot!!


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Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

2 responses to “Mnemonic

  1. xy

    oei your friend has a name, okay.


    yay we have your notebook!! xxx

    ohh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE 🙂

  2. hahahaha sensi much? so hiau laa.. (did i spell that right?)

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