Muji Rocks!!

So my bestfriend is here for a holiday. My other bestfriend (people always ask, how many bestfriends I got, the answer is quite a lot, and they’re all bestfriend ya), sent me an early birthday present(s). Couple weeks ago she introduced me to this brand, MUJI. I fell in love with their simplicity. It’s totally my kinda style (Paris Hilton tone). Something that I would need and use daily. To my surprise she told me that I should make a wishlist for my birthday, and she’s going to try to get them for me.

Voila, Christin got here on Wednesday morning. Went to the apartment in the city, unpacked the luggage and guess what I got from them? Miund+Yodee got me a bag full of Muji stuffs! I squeaked a little, even though its completely different from the wishlist I sent them, but all the stuff are totally spot on. Sketch book, notepad, weekly journal, coloring pencil. Christin even got me a box full of Muji marker as well. Perfecto! I think its really easy to make me happy ya, just get me some stationery stuff and I’ll be damn happy. Oh well 😀

How cute is the card?


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2 responses to “Muji Rocks!!

  1. ste

    am i your bestfriend, mawi? #insecure T_T

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