Hanjaya’s Poem (part 1)

Sekarang kemana sedang kau langkahkan kaki
(And now to which path do you swing your feet?)
Mengisi lembar demi lembar kekosongan insani
(Filling pages on end of emptiness that is all too human)
Kata dan bahasa yang terucap berulang
(Words and meaningless phrases often repeated)
Hangat yang kian menghilang
(The warmth that increasingly disappears)
Debu terhembus menghela nafas
(Dust blown in a heave of sigh)
Pikirku sebuah laut
(My thought is an ocean)
Sedangkah aku berada
(Do I really exist?)

By: Hanjaya Boentoro (1988 – 2011)

Rest in peace Han, we miss you!

Video by: The Boyers Production
Translation by: Avie Azis

*** Hanjaya is my bestfriend’s (Hanny) younger brother. He died earlier this year. He wrote poetry in his spare time, he had stacks of books full of it. Hanny and Craig decided to make videos out of it.


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