Look I found her.. Red coat!

You know one of those days when you found new song and just can’t it out of your head? Today is one of those days for me! DAMN!

I first heard of James Blake from Entourage, that was The Wilhelm Scream. And I tried to listen some of his music, but it’s just not my cup of tea, so I gave up. Today, I bumped into Pretty Much Amazing‘s website to listen to Coldplay’s new songs, and guess what, I saw: James Blake – CMYK. Being a pompous graphic designer that I am, the title drew me in. And WHOAAAA.. The song is bloody good! His music is dubstep, some say UK garage. I don’t care how people want to define his music, all i know is I’ve been listening to it for the last one hour (and will continue to do so till I’ve had enough).

Enjoy CMYK!


About marisantosa

Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

One response to “Look I found her.. Red coat!

  1. NotSayingSan

    Love this version:

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