I’ve decided that I wouldn’t “declare” that I would do something, while in reality I might be too lazy or too tired to commit myself into it. So in saying that, since I stopped making declarations or promises, I’ve been quite productive. I know it doesn’t make sense at all, but hey, whatever works right?

Some of you might know that I am working in retail as well as being a graphic designer. Working in retail sucks, not the work, or the people that I work with (gotta clarify this, just in case friends from work are reading this, hello you!). It’s the annoying/stingy customers, and the moment when there’s no one in your shop. Its actually more tiring to work during this quiet time rather than the busy times. So I gotta occupied myself just to make sure I stay awake during those times.

Sometimes I clean the shop, but that only takes like what 10 minutes max? I can’t draw at all. I’m so bad at drawing and I accepted that fact long time ago. So I sketch! I usually sketch patterns on paper, coffee cup holder or the coffee cup itself. I remembered that day was so quiet, and I think I was working alone because its Friday night. I bought a coffee before I came to work, so i got an empty cup as my victim. It was a 5 hours shift, I did it in between serving customers and cleaning. But still not finished yet.

It took me a while to get the mood to get it done. Because really, coffee cup is not the easiest medium to work with. The rounded surface is quite tricky, especially with the pattern that I’m drawing (well, its not actually pattern, its just lines). I tried to finish it up two days ago but was too tired from work so I told myself I’m gonna do it this weekend.

Today was a cruisy day for me. Woke up at 1pm (awesomeness!!!), I was fasting so didn’t do much. I decided I’m going to finish the cup while watching Community season 3. And I did it!! Took me an hour, and a sore back, but hell yeah I finished it!!

So happy with it, now that I’m thinking that I might wanna buy empty coffee cups and draw on them. But, knowing me, that idea might be a bit too much, so I decided I’m going to take it slow. I decided that every time I buy take away coffee, I’m gonna keep the cup and draw on them! Maybe someday I’m gonna be able to collect it and make a series out of it. Hee Haw!

And a bonus, this tiny clothes peg is my latest victim as well..

Till next time!


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6 responses to “Cups

  1. BAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! Keep it coming! Pasti lucu deh kalo jadi berseri, hihi

  2. yanipatrik

    That’s actually pretty cool!

  3. keren nyetiiii….. bangga!

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