I’ve been planning to write about this. This is one of the rare occasions that my project turns into something “real”. Actually this is the first time that it turns into something real hahahaha (I hope this is not the last time).

As always, I doodled random stuff at work. And then my friend saw it and said something about maybe wanting me to make them in different colors and shapes. So I did, and sent it to him. To cut the story short, I ended up making 14 versions for him. Hee haw!

So I just wanna share the process of how I did it. From the initial drawing until it became a “complete artwork”.

The one on the left is the initial drawing. From that doodle, I explored on textures, colors, transparency. I remembered that I have lots of hi-res canvas textures from uni. So I put it as a background and changed the colors into black, putting lines on them (this is the hardest part, it took me hours to laid all those lines on it, I swear I had a sore arms after!), playing with the transparency. Finally I got the “look” that I want, so I stopped there.

And then I remembered that my friend was saying something about “colors popping out” so I explored other options. I simply put different paper stocks on the background (left overs from uni-era), and I played around with colors and transparency. I have to say, having all those paper stocks helped me a lot. In the end I got like 10 versions of the “pop”.

So there you go, the story behind that random triangles with lines on it. I still don’t have a name for it (yet). Been thinking some pretentious name for it, but I guess I’m too shallow and vain hahahahha.

Oh well. The babies are in the process of printing now. I will post pictures once they’re done.

Till next time!

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2 responses to “Triangles

  1. I want.. Mawi, boleh gak sih beli? Mau pajang ini.. SELAIN YANG SATU ITU… *tetep kode* 😛

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