Comic Sans Strikes Back!

Hellow people! Haven’t post anything on this blog for a long time. Pardon my lame excuse, but work has been cray cray *insert the valley accent*. So what’s been happening? As for me, I’ve been doing this awesome side project with my best friend, Anto. Check it out, Pingu On Mars.

Anyway, the reason why I want to write something is this. I posted this quite some time ago,and today I bumped into this link. It’s so funny.

Every graphic designer I know loath Comic Sans with a passion. There’s a lot of blog posting dedicated to curse them, make fun of them and so on. But now it’s time for Comic Sans to defend itself. Haha.

Check this out: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole – by: Mike Lacher.

Hahahaha. Sadly, most of the points that its trying to say are true. Sometimes, no matter how bad you want it to not exist, some people just love to use it. Ahahaha. Now I’m waiting whether Papyrus is going to say something as well. That would be funnny!



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