Who is Marisa?

Marisa Mardi Santosa. 23rd of August 1983, Jakarta.

Moved to Perth in March 2007. Currently lives in Perth, WA

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising in 2005, Marisa started her career as an intern Graphic Designer at various advertising agencies in Jakarta, including TCP-TBWA/INDONESIA, Y&R Wunderman, and Eways Corp, working with accounts such as Nivea and Nutricia.

In 2007, Marisa decided to pursue a Masterʼs degree in Edith Cowan University and majored in Two Dimensional and Digital Design while working on freelance design projects.

Amongst them was a brand design project for Indonesia Care for Cancer Kids Foundation. Marisa designed the logo and the complete business stationery for the Foundation. In early 2009, an Indonesian sculpture artist was so captivated by the logo that she made a sculpture based on the same logo that Marisa had designed.

Always been interested in photography, Marisa formed an experimental photography group named Tropic of Capricorn with a friend, and their work was featured in the 2008 Clothespeg Exhibition, Perth.

After completing her Master’s degree, Marisa formed Punct Design Studio, a boutique design agency, with her best friends in Jakarta, Indonesia. They collaborate on projects online, and have since produced numerous creative work for various companies.

On 2010, Marisa was involved in a photo book project with a group of like-minded individuals (Viewfinder:6000), with the aim of capturing the lives of young migrants in Perth, Western Australia. Project can be viewed here.

Currently she is working as a full-time contractor for a small design agency in Perth. In her spare time, she likes to sketch (of curves&lines) on canvas, and is planning too many things with her friends (one of them is to rule the world).

Portfolio can be viewed here



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Graphic designer // Sunset hunter // Mars from Pingu On Mars

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2 responses to “Who is Marisa?

  1. bangaip

    hohoho… marissa apa kabar kau? iya nih mar, anak baru. baru coba2. ud lama pengen ngeblog, tapi baru berani skrg.

    lah buset, blog lu keren berat gini. kok bisa sih? dem! malu ah.

    eh gimana kbr lu mar? eh iya lo kenal suray ya? *fotografer.

  2. oi ip, alhamdulillah baik2 saja.. iya kan themes nya bisa milih kali ip hehehe.. lo gimana? anya gimana?? udah bisa apa aja?? iya si suray temennya temen gue gitu.. hehe take care ip, salam buat nucky!

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