Comic Sans Strikes Back!

Hellow people! Haven’t post anything on this blog for a long time. Pardon my lame excuse, but work has been cray cray *insert the valley accent*. So what’s been happening? As for me, I’ve been doing this awesome side project with my best friend, Anto. Check it out, Pingu On Mars.

Anyway, the reason why I want to write something is this. I posted this quite some time ago,and today I bumped into this link. It’s so funny.

Every graphic designer I know loath Comic Sans with a passion. There’s a lot of blog posting dedicated to curse them, make fun of them and so on. But now it’s time for Comic Sans to defend itself. Haha.

Check this out: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole – by: Mike Lacher.

Hahahaha. Sadly, most of the points that its trying to say are true. Sometimes, no matter how bad you want it to not exist, some people just love to use it. Ahahaha. Now I’m waiting whether Papyrus is going to say something as well. That would be funnny!



Dear Comic Sans

So every graphic designer I know refuses to use Comic Sans. They hate it, loathe it, even some of them wishes it never existed. That’s extreme. I admit when I was a kid, Comic Sans was my favourite. Because it looks kinda cute and casual. I hated Times New Roman back then (I love it now, I think it’s so classic and pretty. Its overused and misunderstood in my opinion). I used to type a letter to my cousin in Comic Sans. Imaginary birthday party invitation? Dear diary moment? I did it all back then.

As I grew up, I tend to avoid it. Especially when I discovered there are so many gorgeous beautiful and sexy fonts out there. I left Comic Sans for good. It looks tacky, lazy, comic-i (d’oh?).

But now, I found this stop animation. Its hilarious. Made me think, hey maybe Comic Sans is just another overused and misunderstood font like Times New roman. Maybe we should give it another chance. Maybe I should put it into my typography project. What do you think?

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole from joehollier on Vimeo.

Video via

Copy | Transform | Combine

I decided that I need a timeline to work on the projects. Since the type project is the easiest (and cheapest) one, I’m starting on this right away. I bought a new brush the other day. The one that would go really neat on a thin line. Only 3.50! Bargain!

I asked the lady if she sells a light box. And she looked at me like I’m an idiot. I think she must’ve been thinking that I was looking for a photography light box. I was gonna explain to her, but I was insulted already so I decided to leave x_x

And then I went to Jacksons, I saw the prettiest light box ever!!! It was $167 and there’s 10% further discount (wow, so generous no?). It was big, A3 size, easy to carry, looks pretty comfortable. But I still can’t imagine myself spending that amount of money for a light box. It’s just too much. Maybe I should look it up on Gumtree or something. Oh maybe after tax return. Maybe not.

Btw, enough rambling about that. Remember this? I finally got the time and energy to do some work today. The new brush makes everything look neater. Maybe I should do it all over again. I really wanna make it look right. But oh well, one step at a time.

What do you think?

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

When I was in uni, my lecturer Adam gave us this really interesting assignment. He gave us this A-Z alphabet and we have to trace it (perfectly) and perhaps take it into another level. He refused to tell us what font is that (later I found out it was Bembo, his favourite). The point of that assignment was he reckons we need to train our hand to be flexible. For someone like me, who can’t draw, let alone be flexible, it was a nightmare. I tried to do it on a window, it was alright.

And then one night, I came home (just a bit) intoxicated and I cant sleep, I decided to give it a ago with a tracing paper. After that I transfer it onto a paper with a carbon paper. I don’t know if that’s the alcohol, but it looks bloody awesome. At that moment I understand why he gave that assignment to us, because I can really feel the difficulties on tracing the serif, curves of the fonts. I kept tracing for days and finally got it perfect.

From that experience I was thinking of tracing different fonts and making it a project. I know I kept talking about doing project on and on and on and never really made it happen. But its time to change!

So here it is, just a teaser of my so-called-font-project.

More to come 🙂