National Anthem


So I’ve been listening to National Anthem non-stop thanks to Spotify. And tonight I was just doodling on the kitchen table and voila! Doodled this.. This is a very bad attempt I must say. But at least I’m starting to draw again! Hee haw!


Hold On

So I’ve been looking for quite some time for this particular song. I was having coffee at Zekka, and heard a bit of it. I tried to listen to the lyric, only managed to get some bits and pieces. Tried to google it up but failed. I thought it was James Blake, cause they have similar voice, but it wasn’t. After several failed attempts, I stop trying. And today, I heard the lamest mash-up ever, sounds something like this. I was a bit pissed and decided to change the station, and VOILA!!! Triple J was playing the song!! “The song” that I’ve been looking for months! I recorded to my phone and trying to get the lyric, but still can’t quite catch it.

That’s when I just remembered, why not use Shazam? My housemate got iphone, so I had to download it first to be able to tag the song. After couple of minutes, guess what?!?! Got the song! I was so happy I was so ready to go home and buy the album off the net.

There’s my story. SBTRKT! I need all this process to be able to listen to your song, and I think its worth it!

Savage Beauty, by: Alexander McQueen

I was meeting a friend for coffee, and he got stuck in traffic. So I decided to go to Planet bookstore and waited there. Stumbled upon couple of books but nothing really jumped at me.

And then…

I was never an avid fan of fashion. Never followed any particular designers or trends. But this is just out of this world!!!! All of his stuff looks perfect. Some of my favorites:

This, this and this.

Anyway, I don’t think my words can do the justice. So go to the nearest bookstore, library or whatever. See this book, read it, absorb everything, and enjoy it.

Rest in peace Alexander McQueen, thank for the inspiration!

Ps: This is my new wallpaper

Look I found her.. Red coat!

You know one of those days when you found new song and just can’t it out of your head? Today is one of those days for me! DAMN!

I first heard of James Blake from Entourage, that was The Wilhelm Scream. And I tried to listen some of his music, but it’s just not my cup of tea, so I gave up. Today, I bumped into Pretty Much Amazing‘s website to listen to Coldplay’s new songs, and guess what, I saw: James Blake – CMYK. Being a pompous graphic designer that I am, the title drew me in. And WHOAAAA.. The song is bloody good! His music is dubstep, some say UK garage. I don’t care how people want to define his music, all i know is I’ve been listening to it for the last one hour (and will continue to do so till I’ve had enough).

Enjoy CMYK!

Muji Rocks!!

So my bestfriend is here for a holiday. My other bestfriend (people always ask, how many bestfriends I got, the answer is quite a lot, and they’re all bestfriend ya), sent me an early birthday present(s). Couple weeks ago she introduced me to this brand, MUJI. I fell in love with their simplicity. It’s totally my kinda style (Paris Hilton tone). Something that I would need and use daily. To my surprise she told me that I should make a wishlist for my birthday, and she’s going to try to get them for me.

Voila, Christin got here on Wednesday morning. Went to the apartment in the city, unpacked the luggage and guess what I got from them? Miund+Yodee got me a bag full of Muji stuffs! I squeaked a little, even though its completely different from the wishlist I sent them, but all the stuff are totally spot on. Sketch book, notepad, weekly journal, coloring pencil. Christin even got me a box full of Muji marker as well. Perfecto! I think its really easy to make me happy ya, just get me some stationery stuff and I’ll be damn happy. Oh well 😀

How cute is the card?


For the last couple of days, my friend is giving me the shit because we had this great idea, and I wrote it on my notebook. And yesterday when we were about to make that idea come true, I somehow “lost” the notebook. I totally forgot where I put it, I even forgot which notebook that she’s been talking about. So I finally told myself that I would look for it in the boxes (since I just moved to a new place).

And this arvo, I saw this interview (my good friend is the Ninja). I saw him holding a notebook (00:34), that reminds me of my “lost” notebook! HA!!! I finally remembered which one it is that she’s talking about. I went to the boxes, and couldn’t find it. After that I looked to my bookshelf, and that notebook is actually on the bottom, sitting peacefully waiting to be found! AHA!!!

Oh Ninja, thanks so much for the random mnemonic that you gave me. Woot woot!!



I cant stress enough on how I love to look at other people’s house. I know it sounds weird and a bit psycho-ish. But you know, I always love to see people in their own space, comfort zone / surroundings. It gives you an idea of their character I suppose. It’s like The Selby, when I first saw them I was flabbergasted. I was hooked all through the series. After that a lot website did the same thing. And to make it more interesting, they all have a different feel about them. I find that The Selby is kinda “in your face” houses and characters (singers, artist, fashion designers). Like on how they did with Pharrell Williams and his house. It was pretty much gigantic white space with crazy artworks all over the place.

With the other websites, I find them more “warm-ish”, humble and something like “oh that looks like my friends house”. It is more familiar to me. Something that would pretty much feel closer to me (does that make sense?). Like I might really wanna have that kinda space for myself. The character itself is probably writers for some magazine, restaurant owner, I don’t mean to make them less important, but its just I feel that they are more your everyday people (cue: SING NOW!!).

Oh anyway, just wanna share some visual to feed your (and my) appetite.

The Selby. The Design Files (Australian Homes). An Afternoon With.