“The grid is an integral part of the book design. It’s not something that you see, physically. It’s just like underwear: You wear it, but it’s not to be exposed. So the grid is the underwear of the book.”

Couldn’t agree more!

Video via: Brainpickings


Lost & Found

It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of Oliver Jeffers. Since the first time I read “The Incredible Book Eating Boy”, I feel in love instantly. And then I stumbled onto “Lost & Found”. A very touching story about friendship, probably one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever read in my life. Today I was researching about short animation, and I remembered that they made a short animation video for Lost & Found. And I found it! OMG!

Without blabbing more and more, here it is, enjoy it!

[Studio AKA] Lost and found (2008) from thp1986 on Vimeo.

Now, does anybody know how can I get penguin as a pet?

Jamie Woon_ed!

This is too good to be true. I’ve been his fan for quite some time. But I just saw this video tonight.

How good is he?!? Crazy!

You Are Not So Smart

Having a resolution? Really? The same one as last year? Or from two years ago? No this time is different right? Cause this time, you MEAN it.. Hahahaha.. This is a bloody good one, perfect timing as well.. Goodbye 2011.. It’s been hell of a ride! Thank you for the memories 🙂

Gotta buy this book!

Hanjaya’s Poem (part 1)

Sekarang kemana sedang kau langkahkan kaki
(And now to which path do you swing your feet?)
Mengisi lembar demi lembar kekosongan insani
(Filling pages on end of emptiness that is all too human)
Kata dan bahasa yang terucap berulang
(Words and meaningless phrases often repeated)
Hangat yang kian menghilang
(The warmth that increasingly disappears)
Debu terhembus menghela nafas
(Dust blown in a heave of sigh)
Pikirku sebuah laut
(My thought is an ocean)
Sedangkah aku berada
(Do I really exist?)

By: Hanjaya Boentoro (1988 – 2011)

Rest in peace Han, we miss you!

Video by: The Boyers Production
Translation by: Avie Azis

*** Hanjaya is my bestfriend’s (Hanny) younger brother. He died earlier this year. He wrote poetry in his spare time, he had stacks of books full of it. Hanny and Craig decided to make videos out of it.

Move, Learn, Eat

I saw this video on STA Travel Australia TV-ad a few months back. The first time I saw it, I was flabbergasted. It was so inspiring, the kind that make you want to stop what you’re doing and start to make a list of places to go / things to do. Hahaha. Plus the guy was super hot!!! And today I found out that the video was actually part of series made by Rick Mereki.

The series consists of 3 videos, Move, Learn, Eat. Can’t say anything better to describe it. You just have to see the video by yourself. I know nothing about editing, but I know for sure, the editing for this videos are just amazing. Must be really tired to edit every single frame so neatly and make it look like its one scene. Kudos to the editor.


PS: Rick Mereki (and his team) is from Melbourne. Hmm is there something in the water in East Coast? *jealous tone*

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

Stop Motion Anagram from The Boyers on Vimeo.

I must have done something right to get a present like this 🙂

Thanks Noy&Boyo, you are the best.